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Drawing, operation of the system:

The front portal is a changing table. (runs on a rail).

This switch table runs over the rails and can stand for all racks/towers (pick up or place sheets).

In the racks/towers, there are complete shelves with cutting strips with one plate on it, so there may be 10/12 plates in the rack/tower.   The sheets can be placed from 1 mm to 30 mm thick (hence the heavy version), there is 1 plate on a bed and then 10/12 pieces per thickness in the rack/tower. The plates can be placed anywhere in the rack/tower.   Automatically controlled via a data system.    In the middle or on the left or on the right, 1 or 2 machines are plasma / oxigene, marking/drilling) (as desired)  When loading or unloading, the entire rack with or without a plate moves on or off the rack or the machine.

the system can be used for 24/7 work. (Unmanned)  The total or semi-finished sheet can be placed on the rack with strips or be disturbed at other places.  So that a new plate can be retrieved to be able to cut in between if necessary. (Just in time)

Because the plate remains in position in the rack, it can be retrieved again and it is returned to the position on the machine.  Thus, it is possible to continue cutting on a semi-finished plate. The machine knows every position.  If no stock is needed in a system, only a point table with one rack/tower can be used.  Also, only a change table can be made/used that can be loaded/unloaded from the top or the back at the customer's request

This is then a stand-alone switch system for the machine.